6 FUNNY PRANKS TO DO AT HOME OR AT SCHOOL! PRANK WAR! ANITA STORIES In this video I will show you 6 funny pranks! You can do these pranks at home or at school or to your siblings!! funny pranks, prank war! easy pranks to do on friends or pranks to do on girlfriend, boyfriend or brother, sister
Disclaimer: Always be careful when pranking someone, do not prank small children, and be responsible.
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  • remy da best 11 months ago

    Omg Oreos where sacrifices for this vid

  • Angelica Cavallo 11 months ago

    Like chi è italiaitaliano

  • Sugar People 11 months ago

    This is so funny and I love your videos

  • Luisa Filippi 11 months ago

    Anita i tuoi scherzi mi piacciono molto anche a ncora

  • Clara Rodriguez 11 months ago

    te copias de él rubius

  • Crazy & co. 11 months ago

    Ciao riesci a fare uno slime con le cewingum?

  • Noe_ Channel 11 months ago

    Anita ma l'estrazione la farai?


  • Alisha Naji 11 months ago

    Great video! Great pranks!

  • Samantha Madayag a.k.a. SM 11 months ago

    Can you still upload more prank videos so funny pls see this lol im dying

  • Nicola Millar 11 months ago

    do the sugar in the salt shaker prank

  • Ben Ali Laid 11 months ago

    Poi fare lo slide con colla trasparente e dixan e colla vilinicq ti prego

  • Leonie Sandy 11 months ago

    #Prank queen

  • luigicerulli 11 months ago

    Keep it up !

  • Anshi Tiwari 11 months ago

    your edditing is awesome!!!

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  • patricia portocarrero 11 months ago

    I love Anita stories!! ❤❤

  • Szidi Deac 11 months ago

    Such a waste of Nutella 😭

  • Alexis Maryland 11 months ago

    Do you really have another sister?????