Trolling your friend and laugh.


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Prank Jokes


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  • NewSong 1 year ago

    Comment your best Prank and share if you like my video 🙂
    Subscribe if you like me 🙂 Thank and Love You

  • Alayna Martin 1 year ago

    Who would put tap on a cat with there fur pure evil and torcherer

  • 呵 呵 1 year ago

    thx hahahaah I will prank my family hahahahaha

  • 呵 呵 1 year ago

    thx hahahaah I will prank my family hahahahaha

  • Aamierul Harith 1 year ago

    I once put some bottle of dry glitter (not the gluey one), taped them ON the ceiling fan and wait until someone turn on the fan, it was my mom

  • Eliyah Boaz 1 year ago

    I replaced the shampoo with mustard???????????? my families face was priceless????

  • Eliza Brockett 1 year ago

    2:06 I think that's child abuse.

  • Enni Jormalainen 1 year ago

    Tervetuloa takaisin töihin, Tom= Welcome back to work, Tom

    Just because everyone didn't knew that

  • ꧁Cookie Wozzie꧂ 1 year ago

    1:03 If I first drink it and realize it’s ketchup, I would prank them back and be like this is really good! Because I somehow like to drink ketchup :p

  • LOL 3006 1 year ago

    It’s a prank bro

  • MrGabrielCookie Does Gamez 1 year ago

    this is cruel but funny at the same time

  • Monsunset753 Ghamdi 1 year ago

    i was going to see my certificate until someone stole it but what he really stole is a blank paper

  • yaswant hesoyam 1 year ago

    Wraping an eye in the pad

  • HASIMAH BINTI HUSIN - 1 year ago

    4:25 wtf

  • limit Deliana 1 year ago

    Playdoh gum

  • Pablo Martinez 1 year ago

    Th best prank of all is definetly the one in minute 8:32 the best

  • nene soy 1 year ago

    Staple someones newspaper shut for a week 😉

  • innapropreatek 1 year ago

    I used some reinforced tape, put it over my friend’s door and then put a balloon on a pillow inside so they didn’t die

  • Pirate Skeleton 1 year ago

    What song first plays in this video?

  • nuclear fallout 1 year ago

    Incase anyone is wondering,
    tervetuloa takaisin töihin, Tom
    Welcome back to work, Tom