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Another practical joke! This time we did the Bait Backpack Prank
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  • Aryaz Jalali 1 year ago

    So you guys are gonna judge him just because he has a Moana backpack? What if he was bringing it home to his little sister who lost it.some of you should really think before you speak smh

  • Angry Duck 1 year ago

    No one noticed the sail on the bag

  • Jillian Baguisa 1 year ago

    Good for them

  • GameandFoodTech 1 year ago

    United States is full of english thieves.

  • Nguyễn Quân 1 year ago

    Why you don't kill them??

  • djstr0b3 1 year ago

    Some people are laughing while stealing! clearly a set up

  • Kevin vs. Gamingz 1 year ago

    What if they just take the laptop

  • Vans2527 Gaming 1 year ago

    I see your coment is to many you say your bike that get steal from your birthday lols

  • uh wot 1 year ago

    2:20 damn hes frickn hawt

  • Ernest Bigot 1 year ago

    Where is this magical fantasy world where white people steal?

  • DarkShadow 1 year ago

    See the guy smiling at 0:52?
    Set up BS.

  • Lena Armand 1 year ago

    I hate thieves.

  • Devanshi Sachind 1 year ago

    Some people are laughing

  • Randy’s Fries 1 year ago

    Meanwhile a grown man walks by with a Moana backpack at 1:15

  • Rick P 1 year ago

    The guy at 0:54 seems like he's having fun.

  • SCENIC MUSIC VIDEOS 1 year ago

    People are such sleeze bags

  • Barry McCockiner 1 year ago

    Not everyone is gonna run after you say that's my backpack

  • eat my ass 1 year ago

    Computer abuse…

  • GodSm4ck 1 year ago

    they could of just took the laptop out lol

  • Kaan Kural'ın Bacağı 1 year ago

    do they really need a backpack?