The times of the good old fishing rods are long gone in the GAGS WORLD!
You can now catch and prep dinner with a few clicks of a gun. How fancy!?

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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happy wheels 2 demo


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  • Jonathan Ma 1 year ago

    2:54 Hilarious

  • Altillo DeLaPradera 1 year ago

    1:15 gangsta strut

  • Diosa Astral 7 1 year ago

    3:37 Guapo y simpático.

  • So fake

  • Josip Rex 1 year ago

    4:04 lol his reaction

  • budi sampurna 1 year ago

    really in indonesia people

  • Catherine Pegenia 1 year ago

    cap gun

  • Celestial Travel 1 year ago

    driver in the gray shirt towards the end….oh my yum!!

  • Oxyblue 1 year ago

    if you make these prank in France:
    1st prank: All people hear the gun, everybody run and the police come with tanks
    3rd prank: The man will fight the cop lol
    from a french
    have fun pranking in france x)

  • marmendariz16 1 year ago

    I love the pranks where the pranksters make themselves the victims

  • ABOODM7 1 year ago

    00:46 "oh my god "

  • unteroffizier 1 year ago

    I think the public should know by now these guys they will see on the streets are from youtube.

  • Juan Gamero 1 year ago


  • . Shannara 1 year ago

    Video ended at 1:35 The rest has nothing to do with the thumbnail.

  • Bobbius Shadow 1 year ago

    lol….good ones

  • Jonathan Guevara 1 year ago

    rex Ryan?

  • Laintheweird1 2006 1 year ago

    ohh i have an idea do a Polaroid camera prank have someone take a Polaroid camera picture when it dosent work have the actor look at it as soon as he looks ink will squirt out at the man leaving the picture taker horrified

  • 123456 1234567 1 year ago

    خبيلان ????????????????

  • MrLutazioCatulo 1 year ago

    michaelwo!!! Yes!!!

  • Smart and Funny 1 year ago

    1:29 فيصل بن تركي