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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • Twilight 19 10 months ago

    1 funny
    2 can't stop laughing
    3 meh
    4 funny i guess
    5 meh
    6 meh
    7 hahaha
    8 omg i feel so bad
    9 cute
    10 funny
    11 i used to do that all the time to my sister
    12 lol
    13 i don''t like pizza but its still funny
    14 my reaction to a snake
    15 is that boy naked?
    16 oh i feel so bad for that baby
    17 butter good though
    18 meh
    19 hahahahahahhahhahahhahahhahha
    20 omg poor baby
    21 April fools
    22 lol
    23 hahaha
    24 i got ya nose
    25 that mans me
    26 the opposite so what i would do
    27 i would say thats what you deserve sis
    28 lol
    29 hahaha
    30 i have always wanted to do that
    31 omg my ears are bleeding
    32 was that supposed to be a fart
    33 i am that kid
    34 why is the big bad wolf trying to kill me?
    35 hahaha
    36 lol
    37 i think he's got a crush on that girl
    38 lol
    39 didn't care
    40 the opposite thing that i would do
    41 lol
    42 my nose is gone YAYYYY
    43 he's so small
    44 omg

  • Space babe 10 months ago

    7:28 that scream almost busted my eardrums

  • Sam Poirier 10 months ago

    2:18 you are grounded

  • Mame Diarra Sene 10 months ago

    How will people fall for a fake hand on top of your ral hand

  • Star Kawaii LPS 10 months ago

    So cute 😍

  • Super D Dale 10 months ago


  • Zoomer Delirious 2000 Yandere 10 months ago

    This Crap Isn't Funny. These Poor Kids Are All Getting SCARED. THAT'S NOT NICE!!

  • super Mario maker 10 months ago

    Rip head phone users at 7:28

  • Patty Hamer 10 months ago

    8:20 rip head phones users

  • Patty Hamer 10 months ago

    7:30 rip head phones users

  • SLEICH Ratsa klubi 10 months ago

    0:40 Water Hurts 🙁

  • Barbara Speckner 10 months ago

    Why are you doing that to a small kid! Wanna raise a psycho or just make your little one afraid?!

  • nikollica 203 10 months ago

    7:29 rip headphone users

  • Camila Fierro 10 months ago

    0:08 they ACTUALLY thought that they deserved pizza LOL

  • Antonio Barron 10 months ago


  • Christopher Villar 10 months ago

    Omae wa mou shindeiru! Nani!!!!! 7:29

  • Girly Pearly8787 10 months ago

    Be 10 minutes of my life

  • Crazy Geek 10 months ago

    The ice cream butter one: I did that too 😐

  • Dou ho 10 months ago

    Chat kid Apis badass

  • Danni from Oz 10 months ago

    At 6:58 that is like the worst prank