The great George Jones.
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happy wheels 2 demo


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  • Wanda Alvarez 1 year ago

    George and Nancy never had any children together, so who are those children in the video?

  • bob sink 1 year ago

    thanks a million george they really hit home

  • Margot Maven 1 year ago

    I don't know how he was when he recorded this version, but I adore it…love, love, LOVE his voice and style.

  • Michael Dornish 1 year ago

    What a fantastic voice. When he does a song, it's like it always belonged to him.

  • Terry FastHorse 1 year ago

    I had the opportunity to see him in concert 2 times. The first time was nowhere near as great as the 2nd time. His music is unique. His music had my partner in tears. Awesome music. There's not another like him.

  • Ann Carr 1 year ago

    George does this so beautifully, it hurts.
    ever heard such perfect pitch?

  • Mark Brown 1 year ago

    George Jones, the best God Damn country singer!

  • Reggie Hayes 1 year ago


  • Tyler Walker 1 year ago

    coming up on 4 years we lost a country legend. Boy does time slip away.

  • Carl Ceriani 1 year ago

    i remember when george jones was married to tammy wynette.. they had a few daughters together and he loved o drink and trash the house but when they split up he got custody of the girls aint it funny and times slips away barbie ceriani

  • spencer bell 1 year ago

    It really just doesn't get better than George Jones. This man could really sing from the heart.

  • Abby Wood 1 year ago

    George sang this song better than anyone else

  • So many to listen to and, Wanda Jackson (listen). I have chosen George to share. I think he truly misses her like I have.

  • Wayne Mosley 1 year ago

    ain't it funny how George did it better than elvis and effortlessly

  • PensalemStudios 1 year ago

    who is playing pedal steel here
    my guess its paul franklin?

  • alfie7of7 1 year ago

    For my Patsy…love and miss you.xxxxx

  • john white 1 year ago

    Heart &n Soul right here, nothing better!

  • Bruce Smith 1 year ago

    Needs more passion

  • Darlene Hayes 1 year ago

    Hank Thompson

  • John Seddon 1 year ago

    Best of the best.