Hannibal TV Series Intro – https://youtu.be/FVbWCv49_Xo

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  • Skyler Spence 1 year ago

    I like how anthony hoppkins and mad mikkelsen was like same age when they both played hannibal lector but mikkelsen still looks younger

  • Ava H 1 year ago


  • Str8manballtouch 1 year ago

    "The police came to murder me."

  • shri karuppaiya 1 year ago

    Please anyone tell

  • shri karuppaiya 1 year ago

    What's the story about this series

  • earl- greymer 1 year ago

    Mads Mikkelsen unsuccessfully throwing a potato for many times is my current mood

  • princessofpizza 1 year ago

    the way he looks up after his "shut up b****" like "why aren't you laughing yet" has me DYING.
    i love this man

  • 142doddy 1 year ago

    1:3 who says that?

  • Epiphany 1 year ago


  • Yourven Parianen 1 year ago

    tv show about a cannibal doing gruesome things eating people and mutilation display of extreme gore…..the word fuck is censored….

  • Anna Timotha 1 year ago

    I lost it at "they found the ambulance in an alley in dum-fries. Dumphreys." I cant help it. Mads face later on. LOL

  • TheMetalhead678 1 year ago

    The fucking dog, HAHA

  • b-side 1 year ago

    1:47 that dog omg "look! i got me a stick!!! woow woo woo a stick!" what a good boy

  • Philipp Franz 1 year ago

    this is possibly the finest salad i've ever eaten in my life …shame to ruin it with all that meat

    shut updumb woman!

  • crystal wolfe 1 year ago

    can anyone else see the girl wearing the eat the rude shirt at 3:07

  • Anyone else notice the girl with 'eat the rude' T-shirt? at 3:09

  • llllllllllllily 1 year ago

    It's the Jiggle!!

  • The Black Ghost 1 year ago

    When Hannibal "Mads Mikkelsen" says to the 1:38 "Shut up…" he says something along it but they put peep in it what he says ?????????!

  • Chong WH 1 year ago

    "Shut up, bitch." ~Dr. Hannibal Lecter

  • Me : MOTIVE !!
    Mom : Shut the fuck up you brat! People are trying to sleep.
    Me : Depression activating
    Edited : these guys are amazing !!