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Prank Jokes


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  • AllwaysCry Darius 10 months ago

    Was it carolina reaper?

  • 14GAMBIT 10 months ago

    Drink some milk Bitch!

  • sabika haji djivan 10 months ago

    do u change gurls everyday??

  • Jimmy Munoz 10 months ago

    Mysticgotjokes u should make a video and give people shutouts but add me in it k

  • Jimmy Munoz 10 months ago

    Hi I like u guys alot

  • PassMeACoke 420 10 months ago

    What's your Instagram?

  • Christopher Oramas 10 months ago

    ok im confused I thought you were with an asian?

  • Inhuman Inside 10 months ago

    holy fuck thats real shitty one 🙁 did u manage to take a shit? 😀

  • ProWeezii Tho!! 10 months ago

    Soon I will have this much views and the whole YouTube community will fear me and be conquered under my spell and all of u will watch my videos and u will laugh and like it and mystic will be my number one fan, no one will ever underestimate Proweezii again mwahaha ha cough haha

  • Janeba Barry 10 months ago

    More comments about his bitches then the prank 😂😂😂

  • Illa Parks 10 months ago

    I'M DEAD😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Islam Allah 10 months ago

    ha ha ha it was so funny :))))
    he can't breathe :))

  • Lyndsey marie 10 months ago

    Should of used a ghost chili 😂

  • dieuson octave 10 months ago

    This nigga need an award for most sidehoes in the world

  • khepesh imhotep 10 months ago

    YO It's STILL HOT!! xD

  • Thelisa Harper 10 months ago

    He get mad when he get pranked but when he prank someone else then they are happy

  • Zayd Blackwell 10 months ago

    Why he open the door like he was Xerxes from 300 XD

  • Zyniah Hill Jackson 10 months ago

    Dats just wrong

  • Bill Sinagra 10 months ago

    Omg im done, you said it was the weed, hahaha, "Im  really highhhh
    " lol

  • hello brother 10 months ago

    Yo Mystic you my niqqa to the day I fckn die