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Learn American English Conversation – with subtitles from this funny TV Show.

The actors in this TV show speak natural English but at a slower speed than normal. This helps you understand their English better.

The show is very humorous and the conversation the people are having will definitely make you laugh!

If you’re having trouble with your English listening skills or want to improve your vocabulary, watching this short video will help.

Follow the subtitles and if you come across an unfamiliar word, pause the video and look it up in your dictionary.

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  • Pick Up English 8 months ago

    Watch another episode of the show here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZQXXuQ0Gb8&feature=youtu.be

  • とnyじゃくそn 8 months ago

    keep on push to the top~

  • nanu Ansari 8 months ago

    I just love it, hilarious

  • Samira Lemouessekh 8 months ago

    wooow! Nice vedio thanks. please for people who want speak English just tell me. thanks

  • caspian mahes 8 months ago

    can anyone please tell the name of the show

  • Ramunaidu Kandula. 8 months ago

    Tq for helping…good way

  • social Network 8 months ago

    Good english

  • social Network 8 months ago

    Movie is good best comedy

  • hridoy xd 8 months ago

    last joke was amazing!!

  • Jeon Liebe 8 months ago

    This is what I have found it for a long time!!!! Thank u so much!!!:)

  • abdelhak ait elhaj 8 months ago

    it's so funny vedeo; i like it much.. i hope success to channl.. all wishes for you

  • Vikash Barnwal 8 months ago

    It's very good ways to learn english.
    Thanks a lot team

  • Tilek Uruskulov 8 months ago

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  • Vaseem Vaseem 8 months ago

    So funny and usefull toooo

  • Janet ren 8 months ago

    Have a lot fun to watch the conversation. It’s a great way to learn English. Thank you!

  • Ashok i5 8 months ago

    best way to learn english thank you so much guys.

  • saeed zulfi 8 months ago

    Thank you
    It's very helpful to learn through TV show.

  • Zahid Ahmad Wani 8 months ago

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  • Kamal Alhajeli 8 months ago

    What is name of TV show please?

  • sok pheak 8 months ago

    I like this so much.

    Please make it more it help me too much