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Here’s Episode 443 of Fortnite Funny Fails, WTF Moments & Epic Kills if you haven’t seen it!

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(First Song) Oshova – Mountains Lullaby
(Second Song) Oshova – Loves Happiness


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  • Kaltser 3 months ago

    Lets uninstall fortnite we don't need it play other games but don't play fortnite the game is broke


  • oloman kuy 3 months ago

    1:07 What is pokemon

  • Andrew Contos 3 months ago

    2:53 i wanted to see the port a fortress on the ball 😤😔

  • Jr Suriyavong 3 months ago

    4:09 isn’t that that one song from naruto but played differently? Or is it just me

  • Igielek 3 months ago


    Buying skins.

  • Angel Daniel Rodriguez 3 months ago


  • Emil Rodin Jönsson 3 months ago

    Lmao 6:16

  • Quickscope_u_out 3 months ago

    fortnite is sic brov

  • Joohn XSavage 3 months ago

    Watch my last video! DOUBLE PUMP IS BACK

  • Marco-The-Polo Torrez 3 months ago

    BCC u should have said defaults that have been playing for a long time but suck at the game just asked their mom for money for the battle pass or a skin so that could mean that there are defaults in disguise hmm

  • Panda _Kidz 3 months ago

    If you could check it out it would be nice..!

  • Nevaeh Misner 3 months ago
  • Michiru Senji 3 months ago

    at season 1 , i'm never buy a skin 🙂
    Defaults Character USER

  • RaulLC_ 3 months ago

    Wow something that is now ingame and visible for any one

  • Isaiah Cowles 3 months ago

    Default lives matter

  • JT_Fire 3 months ago

    New update for the sphere.. it have turned into a clock with the kings logo and his fire around it and he is now visible

  • le roi az007king 3 months ago

    I save this cause whit my friend

  • Crying African 3 months ago

    Does it? I’m really new and I went up there and I saw a fortnite skin with particles and shit. I thought that was normal

  • Spyder 8000 3 months ago

    4:14 dang that default is getting sweated on