Fortnite Clips & Funny Moments Fortnite Clutch Moments (Best Daily Wtf)

In today’s compilation we feature THE new best settings for fortnite by ninja.


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Don’t think that’s all! We have the best fortnite battle royale highlights, fortnite battle royale clutch moments, best fortnite competitive gameplay moments and WTF moments for you!

happy wheels 2 demo

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  • Fortnite Battle Royale Highlights 11 months ago

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  • PRO GAMER 11 months ago


  • Qassam Cheema 11 months ago


  • Juan Outeiral 11 months ago

    When hinja reveals his settings

  • marco gastelum 11 months ago

    I like the part when he kill by going down the hill

  • MickeyTheFlüffy 11 months ago

    I just started playing fortnite a week ago and I love watching your guys’ highlight videos! I feel like I’m able to improve from all the videos I watch on fortnite. My favorite moments from these highlights are when people get really cool smiles and get super hype about it!

  • The C4 SnaKe 11 months ago

    wheres ninjas video settings?

  • Wesley van Soest 11 months ago

    Ninjahayper is vaking goed in fortnite toen hij won in solo vs sqout

  • Aura Twiistt 11 months ago

    hi i of clip on my channel passes to see

  • Flavio 11 months ago

    Ninja's settings aren't gonna make you a god,I mean they are good but sens it's a personal preference

  • ExeDuuude 11 months ago


  • Janto Vit 11 months ago

    Best moment : 2.21
    Look at his face 0_o

  • MularMC Hendén 11 months ago

    My favorite moment was when Drlupo trove the grenat and won and i want the v-bucks becues i want the skin Rex that drlupo haved in the video so please i vage you cane i hew the v-bucks i live your vids mann!❤️

  • Ivan Mekinić 11 months ago

    When ninja kill that guy with launch pad and trap

  • Vojta Brotánek 11 months ago

    John Wick shot me With rocket louncher beat me four lives And I gave him head shot And I won

  • patrick doyle 11 months ago

    My favorite part was when myth was on his gang stuff and impulsed on the launch pad

  • ZorroG_mer 936 11 months ago

    Hi i love moment when are get headshoted

  • crusty Melon formellaw 11 months ago

    i liked i subbed and turned on notifacations my fav moment to win is when i 360no scoped (girl)not a guy

  • Roef van Hassel 11 months ago

    I liked the hunting rifle clip from ninja the most

  • y like video!!!!!