u must to watch this funny video by RITEISH DESHMUKH & BOMAN IRANI, they are the best gag ever.. 🙂

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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • Sachin Khatri 11 months ago

    Original Devdas was played by legendary KL Sehgal

  • Yawar Abbas 11 months ago

    Shewta tiwari lag rha ha ritesh

  • Joshua 28 11 months ago

    Maar dala…..

  • Foysal Ahmed 11 months ago

    Last one was awesome…..

  • ഡാഡി à´—à´¿à´°à´¿à´œ 11 months ago

    boman irani as salman…..is just superb

  • Ankit Jha AJ 11 months ago

    3 IDIOTS I have watch this 100 times,,, and still I wanna watch this again and again

  • Life around us 11 months ago

    These 2 were great ????

  • Aravind Thangavel 11 months ago

    He looks like johnny depp in the thumbnail pic

  • Ille Ile 11 months ago

    Ritish is always hilarious.

  • Mohan Bhargava 11 months ago

    Who writes this piece of shit

  • jiban marasini 11 months ago

    rites is superb

  • Jubair Ahmed 11 months ago

    mahesh Babu k wanted se bacha chutiye sàlman khan ka career

  • fiza shaikh 11 months ago

    Salman angry face

  • Ankush Verma 11 months ago

    best host so far
    ye shahid or farhan gandu hai bc

  • Andrea L 11 months ago

    duo perfect

  • The Maratha Man 11 months ago

    Ritesh is a scream. His reactions as Paro had me in splits.

  • NaiiMeh Blunt 11 months ago

    The 3 idiots was funny

  • Shristi GRE 11 months ago

    in some scenes salman khan has white shirt and other one he has black coat

  • bader Goran 11 months ago

    احلئ مقطع

  • Samarth Adhikary 11 months ago

    Editors do not look carefully while editing the audience clips. At 04:01 Sanjay Dutt is sitting next to Govinda and at 04:02, he is next to Anupam Kher. Funny shit…