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Here’s The Boat I Used

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After the popularity of the 1st alligator Joke we had to do it again. We hope you enjoy this video.

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  • Jay Karl's Hidden Camera & Practical Jokes 6 months ago

    Get your own Gator Head
    Here's The Boat I Used

  • B. Evans 6 months ago

    Damn that Gator!!! Y’all see what I see???

  • Wu Prince 6 months ago

    Who tf was the girl in the crop top good God 💯😘 I see why her sister pregnant too

  • Dal Benji 6 months ago

    La fille en orange avec le jeans whaaaaooooooooo

  • shaik naveed 6 months ago

    Everyone talking about that orange top…but iam innocent boy watching that little girl starring at alligator she is so cute…god bless her😍

  • سيف العتيبي 6 months ago


  • benny robinson 6 months ago

    the alien encounter was the funniest

  • Konstantin Usov 6 months ago


  • daithi 6 months ago

    That girl with orange top dayum. I would screw her asshole all night

  • Alex Carrion 6 months ago

    God that butch in the orange shirt 😘only an ass hole
    lawyer would make a big deal out of this 👍

  • king chicken 6 months ago


  • Grande1124 6 months ago

    0:40 good lord in heaven!!

  • Uruguay182 6 months ago

    Did you see the pink girl? Daaang she is hot

  • Ivanka2024 for POTUS 6 months ago

    male or female croc

  • PermanentHigh 6 months ago

    How is it civil assault?? What the fuck? So if I do something harmless and sone old lady has a heart attack, I'm responsible?

  • Luna Wolf 6 months ago

    😐 I'm looking through the comments and most are about the girl with the orange top and not the gator prank

  • idareyou toMUGme 6 months ago

    1:55 the guy in the swan boat lol

  • James Llewellyn 6 months ago

    Fuck the alligator blue jeans and orange top got my attention. 😜

  • subu tai 6 months ago

    미친쎄끼.. 그러케 할짓이 없냐.

  • H2SO4BLACK BLACKWATER 6 months ago

    I like girl orange top and jean
    Forget prank 😎