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  • Melinda Petway 1 year ago

    Omg you'll are so funny

  • Sierra Booker 1 year ago

    Best couple

  • Katsumi Shitakaru 1 year ago

    i want more pranks hehehe

  • Jonathan Perez 1 year ago

    Upload more please ????❤️

  • Flyboi Carlosgetbuckets 1 year ago

    Do another prank bro you are so funny

  • David Zambrano Jr. 1 year ago

    team c

  • here 1 year ago

    yay I can see the ones YouTube didn't allow me to watch

  • Ted Longoria 1 year ago

    r going 2 make it big really big cuz y'all r crazy ass hell????????????????????????????????????wish

  • Movete Fakalata 1 year ago

    you say bro too much.

  • Linda Maisarah 1 year ago

    Prank num #3 i sad for his dad

  • Matthew Lete 1 year ago

    your videos are hilarious!!!! Thumbs up All day!!! ????

  • B&B4L'S Universal life 1 year ago

    I would love to hang out with y'all that shit would be dope????????much love got bless????????????????

  • I does be so happy when y'all post a new video because y'all make me laugh every time love y'all

  • DAT BOI 1 year ago

    the way she jumped on his back reminded me of harambe doe
    #diks out fo harambe????

  • Nemanja Moravac 1 year ago

    wazzap guys, you are great team keep going … many greetings from Banja Luka

  • michael burkhalter 1 year ago

    Yall two some nuts man. Hey if it works for yall more power to ya. keep up the prank war

  • Raz0rBlade 1 year ago

    it's just water omg

  • Christy Tate 1 year ago

    I really want y'all to have a million subscribers the realest couple ever ????????????

  • Sir Kitty 1 year ago

    Challenge: Take a shot every time you hear the word "Bro".

  • jaylo j 1 year ago

    funny pranks????????????