Funny cats and kittens will make your day. In this try not to laugh or smile challenge you will see funniest cats videos from all over the world. Just take a look how these cats playing, doing funny stuff and simply going crazy. Don’t miss our brand new funny cats compilation and just smile.




Hosico Cat

Poonchic The Most Dog Like Cat


Sphynx Nefa

Monika Monia

Nicholas Brown



Claudio Bolt

MAKO0MAKO0 / まこまこ




kitty chow chow

かご猫 Blog

Zandre Welthagen

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  • Just smile 1 year ago

    Hit like if you love cats 😻😺🐈

  • The A and L show Bros 1 year ago

    3:09 Dogo shows up

  • Hey it’s Tay 1 year ago

    You’re channel name is just smile but you say try not to laugh or smile

  • Harry potter 1 year ago

    Katzen sind So lustig/cats are So funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • CØCÖ 1317 1 year ago

    2:42 For those who came for the thumbnail

  • VIOLA_ARMY_1911 1 year ago

    The last one😂

  • Tigris HD 1 year ago

    Omg im love cats!!!

  • Rida Ka Kitchen 1 year ago

    Super nice 👍🌳💐🥀🌹

  • GUZFAMILY 1 year ago

    Like ir friend. Very nice videos

  • Addison Little 1 year ago

    That last one got me

  • Fußball fan 1 year ago

    Haha 3:05 4:27 4:53 ich kann nicht mehr mega lustig😂😂

  • Kinnari's Kitchen 1 year ago

    Very funny cats. Do visit my channel, I have uploaded winter special recipe.

  • GirlyGirlCora !! 1 year ago

    I lost at the first one

  • Canal da Jasmin 1 year ago

    Awesome video friend!

  • Jestem Rozgrany 1 year ago

    2:53 wtf is that???

  • Anna Relaxation Réunion ASMR & Evasion 1 year ago

    Oulala! Cats in a house is a real calamity! it destroys everything! Fortunately my cats to me stay on my terrace! it's great, thank you for sharing my friend. Kisses, Anna 🙂

  • Colourful rainbow 1 year ago

    Awesome video big like 😊

  • Luke Bussmann 1 year ago

    F cats

  • Caroline Brennan 1 year ago

    I laughed at every one XD!

  • ART FOR KIDS 1 year ago

    Super my friend! Well done!